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Pure Fig Leaf Tea

Fresh quality fig leaves are carefully handpicked from our farm, then washed and dried with special equipment to produce high-quality tea while preserving the nutritional content and flavour. Once brewed, the tea has bright green hue with a pleasant creamy, nutty aroma and sensational smooth taste.

  1. Reduce sugar level for diabetic patients
  2. Help to lose weight, curb sugar cravings & boost metabolism
  3. Help to increase breast milk
  4. Lower down cholesterol level & reduce high blood pressure
  5. High in fiber and laxative, prevent constipation
  6. Help to neutralize acid in the body – lower the risk of cancer
  7. High in calcium and iron


Ingredients: Fig leaf, Fig fruit

Weight: 40g

Packaging: 20pcs of pyramid bag


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Store in a cool dry place and air-tight container for optimum freshness.

Health highlight

Infusion of fig leaves, a natural anti-diabetic
Infusion of fig leaves is an extremely effective natural remedy for lowering blood sugar levels , which is what in medical parlance is called glycemia .