Fig Leaf + Honeybush

Timeless Dream tea is a herbal infusion of Fig tea (from fig leaves) + Honeybush (originates from South Africa). The infusion is pale red in colour and the taste of the tea is smooth and has mild roasty flavour, slightly fuller bodied than rooibos tea but a little sweeter. It’s a herbal tea rich in phenolic compounds, which not only help to protect our immune systems but make you calm & refreshingly healthy!

  1. Relaxes the body and make you sleep easily
  2. Helps problem faced by women like depression, anxiety, hot flashes in later stage of menopause
  3. Reduce mood swings and balance hormone levels
  4. High in calcium and iron to prevent osteoporosis
  5. Treats cough, cold and microbial infections
  6. Help to relieve asthma
  7. Promotes digestive health

Ingredients: Fig Leaf, honeybush