Salted Egg Chips

With Figs

Salted egg chips with figs are freshly made & without any preservatives, using only the best ingredients. The curry leaves added a hint of spice while the figs give sweetness to crumb that will make you crave for more!

Ingredients: Tapioca, salted egg, butter, curry leaf, chili, fig, sugar & salt.

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Sambal Hijau Fig

Our Sambal Hijau Fig is a family favourite, with just the right balance of flavours and tanginess from the kaffir lime leaf and calamansi almost similar to the sambal padang. Sambal hijau fig is best served as a hot and spicy condiments for dishes such as white rice, raw vegetable, grilled fish, fried chicken and soup.

Ingredients: Fig, onion, palm oil, green chilli, calamansi, sugar, salt, garlic and kaffir lime leaf

Weight: 200g

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Sambal Merah Fig

Spice up your life with our sambal merah fig. Sambal merah fig is made from a variety of chillies, onion, garlic, calamansi and fig. Its invigorating sweet and spicy taste is bound to boost even the simplest meal

Ingredients: Fig, onion, palm oil, chilli, calamansi, sugar, salt and garlic

Weight: 200g

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Sambal Bilis Fig

Enjoy a hot & spicy sambal, freshly made from “cili padi” with secondary ingredients, fig and anchovy that gives a natural flavour and crunchiness to the sambal. Best to eat with rice, mee hoon, grilled fish & seafood.

Ingredients: Onion, fig, chilli, anchovy, garlic, galangal, pure vinegar, fig vinegar, sugar & salt

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Fresh Fig Jam

Homemade jam to create a truly enjoyable taste with a deep, rich colour, vibrant, fresh flavours and an authentic true taste! 100% all natural ingredients, preservative free and non-GMO ingredients used.

Ingredients: Fresh fig, sugar & salt

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Fig Relish

A delicious appetizing figs cooked with spices, raisins & ginger. Best to eat with rice, biryani, steak, sandwich, cheese & tacos.

Ingredients: Fig, onion, chilli, garlic, raisin, fig vinegar, pure vinegar, salt & sugar

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