Salted Egg Chips

With Figs

Salted egg chips with figs are freshly made & without any preservatives, using only the best ingredients. The curry leaves added a hint of spice while the figs give sweetness to crumb that will make you crave for more!

Ingredients: Tapioca, salted egg, butter, curry leaf, chili, fig, sugar & salt.

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Sambal Bilis Fig

Enjoy a hot & spicy sambal, freshly made from “cili padi” with secondary ingredients, fig and anchovy that gives a natural flavour and crunchiness to the sambal. Best to eat with rice, mee hoon, grilled fish & seafood.

Ingredients: Onion, fig, chilli, anchovy, garlic, galangal, pure vinegar, fig vinegar, sugar & salt

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Fresh Fig Jam

Homemade jam to create a truly enjoyable taste with a deep, rich colour, vibrant, fresh flavours and an authentic true taste! 100% all natural ingredients, preservative free and non-GMO ingredients used.

Ingredients: Fresh fig, sugar & salt

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Fig Relish

A delicious appetizing figs cooked with spices, raisins & ginger. Best to eat with rice, biryani, steak, sandwich, cheese & tacos.

Ingredients: Fig, onion, chilli, garlic, raisin, fig vinegar, pure vinegar, salt & sugar

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